How To Choose Your Baby's First Pillow

2022-07-11 10:10

Can it be washed

Babies have a high temperature, sweat easily, and may spit up. So be sure to choose one that can be washed with water, so as not to breed bacteria and affect your baby's health.

Strong breathability

Long-term sultry heat will easily breed prickly heat and rash, so be sure to choose a material with strong air permeability. Generally speaking, memory foam and latex are not as breathable.

Whether it is antibacterial and mite removal

Items used by babies, especially close-fitting ones like pillows, are recommended to be antibacterial and mite-removing, which can reduce the risk of baby allergies.

Strong support

Since it is a stereotyped pillow, it is necessary to choose a pillow with strong support, so as to be able to drag the baby's head, and the force can be evenly applied to achieve a certain effect.

Is there a zipper

The baby's supplies must be paid attention to safety. For items like pillows, it's best to choose a style with no other small parts on the surface. The quality of the zipper is not good, it is easy to deform after washing, and it is easy for the baby to accidentally eat it if it falls.