What Is The Difference Between Sponge

2022-07-11 10:10

Both ordinary sponges and high-density sponges belong to flexible polyurethane foams, and the raw materials are flexible polyether polyols + isocyanates + additives and catalysts.



It depends on the amount of materials used. The density of high-density sponges is generally greater than 45kg/m3, and the amount of materials used is more, which is generally used for sofas, mattresses, etc.; ordinary sponges are used as protective materials and have more medium and low densities.


The polyether polyols used for high-density sponges generally have better activity and contain EO, which are relatively high-end and expensive; the polyether polyols used for ordinary sponges are generally commodity.

Melamine sponge, also known as melamine formaldehyde resin, the main raw material is melamine (also known as melamine) + formaldehyde solution, good flame retardant effect, good thermal insulation